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We thrive on IT challenges – and look forward to helping you resolve yours. Hence, our consulting process focuses on helping you identify and develop your untapped potential. Our aim here is to take innovation forward and deliver solutions designed and engineered to last. And to accomplish that, we bring our entire project expertise to bear.

/ IT assessment process: Four steps to clarity


In an initial meeting with you, we roughly map out your IT infrastructure. We ask about the systems you’re running and how old they are, as well as your challenges and objectives going forward.


We take a detailed look at your entire IT infrastructure. Then, we carry out a risk analysis to assess the status of your IT security and identify any critical weaknesses or flaws; we also review all the external IT services you may be using. If required, we can additionally conduct tailored market analysis and supply proofs of concept to make sure you have a thorough foundation on which to base your choices and decisions.


We pay you an on-site visit to document your current infrastructure, including all your hardware and software. This gives us the complete and comprehensive picture of your IT environment we need for our subsequent analysis.


Our team of experts combines all this analysis and prepares an IT plan tailored to your needs. We then meet with you to discuss potential solutions – spanning hardware, software, IT services and support – depending on the scope of your requirements. Our focus here is both on optimizing your IT infrastructure and on ensuring it’s sufficiently robust and fit for the future.

/ The inside track

If there are areas of IT you’d like to know more about but find the wealth of information available overwhelming, no problem: We work closely with major vendors whose products we know inside out. We can interface on your behalf, pick the right vendor events to attend, and come along with you to help pool the information you need. If you like, we can even arrange and accompany you on a visit to a vendor’s innovation lab, to help you gain a better idea of their products in action.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!