Hardware reliability plays a linchpin role across business operations and processes. From servers and storage to desktop systems, backup and archive solutions – we can supply everything you need for your IT environment. You’ll get dependable, quality hardware from leading vendors, backed by our breadth of experience and expertise.



A robust, fast and scalable IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of any business today. We advise you in detail on the server capacity, resources and connectivity you need to meet your specific needs.


Networks & firewalls

Die Absicherung der IT-Infrastruktur spielt in Zeiten zunehmender Angriffe eine immer zentralere Rolle. Mit einem umfangreichen Angebot an Firewalls, Switches, Routern und WiFi-Equipment unterstützen wir Sie dabei, die Kontrolle über Ihr Netzwerk zu behalten.



With attacks against IT infrastructure constantly on the ascent, putting the right safeguards in place is now more important than ever. We offer a comprehensive range of firewalls, switches, routers and Wi-Fi gear capable of keeping your network up and running but properly locked down at the same time.


Workplace systems

Digital transformation is a crucial factor in businesses’ value chains. We can help fit out your workplace with the right computing equipment and peripherals – from industrial and desktops PCs to high-power workstations, laptops and thin clients.


Racks & UPSs

As you’d expect, we can also supply all the gear you need to create, expand and safeguard operational IT infrastructure – not just servers and storage, but rack systems and uninterruptible power supplies, for desktop as well as network systems:

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