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As a systems house that’s strong on execution, we’re passionate about comprehensive strategic consulting and customer care with a human touch. It means we can be confident you’ll be happy. And when you’re happy, we are too.




We thrive on IT challenges – and look forward to helping you resolve yours. Hence, our consulting process focuses on helping you identify and develop your untapped potential. Our aim here is to take innovation forward and deliver solutions designed and engineered to last. And to accomplish that, we bring our entire project expertise to bear.

/ IT assessment process: Four steps to clarity


In an initial meeting with you, we roughly map out your IT infrastructure. We ask about the systems you’re running and how old they are, as well as your challenges and objectives going forward.


We pay you an on-site visit to document your current infrastructure, including all your hardware and software. This gives us the complete and comprehensive picture of your IT environment we need for our subsequent analysis.


We take a detailed look at your entire IT infrastructure. Then, we carry out a risk analysis to assess the status of your IT security and identify any critical weaknesses or flaws; we also review all the external IT services you may be using. If required, we can additionally conduct tailored market analysis and supply proofs of concept to make sure you have a thorough foundation on which to base your choices and decisions.


Our team of experts combines all this analysis and prepares an IT plan tailored to your needs. We then meet with you to discuss potential solutions – spanning hardware, software, IT services and support – depending on the scope of your requirements. Our focus here is both on optimizing your IT infrastructure and on ensuring it’s sufficiently robust and fit for the future.

/ The inside track

If there are areas of IT you’d like to know more about but find the wealth of information available overwhelming, no problem: We work closely with major vendors whose products we know inside out. We can interface on your behalf, pick the right vendor events to attend, and come along with you to help pool the information you need. If you like, we can even arrange and accompany you on a visit to a vendor’s innovation lab, to help you gain a better idea of their products in action.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!




Hardware reliability plays a linchpin role across business operations and processes. From servers and storage to desktop systems, backup and archive solutions – we can supply everything you need for your IT environment. You’ll get dependable, quality hardware from leading vendors, backed by our breadth of experience and expertise.



A robust, fast and scalable IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of any business today. We advise you in detail on the server capacity, resources and connectivity you need to meet your specific needs.


Networks & firewalls

With attacks against IT infrastructure constantly on the ascent, putting the right safeguards in place is now more important than ever. We offer a comprehensive range of firewalls, switches, routers and Wi-Fi gear capable of keeping your network up and running but properly locked down at the same time.



As unique as your requirements might be, there’s always a storage system to match. We design reliable storage solutions that align to your needs and help you make the most of your structured and unstructured data. No need to bother with the ins and outs of all-flash, hybrid, disk, tape or object storage – you can leave all that to us.


Workplace systems

Digital transformation is a crucial factor in businesses’ value chains. We can help fit out your workplace with the right computing equipment and peripherals – from industrial and desktops PCs to high-power workstations, laptops and thin clients.


Racks & UPSs

As you’d expect, we can also supply all the gear you need to create, expand and safeguard operational IT infrastructure – not just servers and storage, but rack systems and uninterruptible power supplies, for desktop as well as network systems.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!




Software, like hardware, is fundamental to any IT infrastructure. When it comes to choosing software, we like to make sure it will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. That way it will win maximum user acceptance as well as deliver the intended productivity gains.

/ Operating systems

As the interface between system hardware and application software, operating systems play an essential role in server operations. We advise clients on which Windows, Unix and Linux system to choose, and configure these systems for them. With critical infrastructure or high performance and availability requirements, we focus primarily on Unix and Linux.

/ Virtualization

Virtualization plays a major role in businesses’ digital transformation. We help you to make the most of virtual systems and the benefits they afford in terms of agile, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, low investment and low operating costs. When it comes to server virtualization, we work with products from VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat and Oracle. And we can supply the right storage virtualization solutions to match.

/ Networks & Security

Software today is at the front and center of enterprise security; it’s where multiple separate aspects of security converge. Thus, it’s essential to ensure that not just networks and data centers, but endpoints like employee PCs, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones, too, are protected against attack. We can guide you through the maze of security software solutions and design a security strategy that fits.

/ High availability

When it comes to critical IT infrastructure, high availability is essential. Seamless system monitoring, along with hardware redundancy, ensures outage-free operation. We’ve often implemented solutions of this kind for customers, including high-availability, high-performance and load-balancing clusters.

/ Data management

For companies today, sound data management practices and policies are essential if they are to parlay their data into business success. We can design data management strategies for you that not only address factors like life cycle, quality and a single source of truth, but establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities as well. We can also supply easy archiving solutions to match.

/ Backup & Recovery

Critical data loss is a constant risk for businesses. Besides costly business outages, losing data can lead to loss of revenue and even regulatory fines. When designing a comprehensive overall B&R strategy, we not only establish SLAs, we address all the crucial aspects involved, including monitoring, compliance requirements and cost. That way we can create a technically and legally compliant solution that’s tailored carefully to your needs and requirements.

/ Management & Automation

IT infrastructures are evolving constantly. With large-scale server and storage infrastructures particularly, management and automation have become essential means of minimizing time, cost and resource requirements. It’s only through standardization, management and automation that data centers are able to provision resources quickly and meet agreed service levels. We can help you find the optimum solutions to fit your needs.

/ Monitoring

With continuous monitoring, you gain visibility and greater control across all the systems, applications and devices in your infrastructure. We can advise you on the right choice of monitoring software and help ensure that your systems keep running smoothly.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Operational Services


We enable our clients to meet the challenge of running resource-intensive IT services – affordably and to a high level of quality. Our Operational Services help you to operate your data centers flexibly and in line with your individual needs.

Through tailored service level agreements, we assure you the exact service scope, type and quality level that you require. For us, transparency comes first; for you, this means not just less economic and technical risk, but clearly defined costs and, crucially, more time to concentrate on your core business.

/ NAVUM Managed Services

With NAVUM Managed Services, you can be sure that your organization’s IT systems are continuously available and running smoothly. We provide you with the following services, under individually tailored SLAs, either on site or via remote access:

  • Request and change management
  • Modernization and automation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • License and contract management

These can also be combined with NAVUM Service Desk Management.

/ NAVUM Service Desk Management

We serve as a single point of contact for your employees, and take care of contract management and communication with the relevant vendors. You can opt additionally to have any of the following services covered by your SLAs:

  • Support (first, second and third-level)
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring

These can also be combined with NAVUM Service Desk Management.

/ Tailored operational support

Situations can arise where you need a helping hand – an employee’s prolonged period of absence, for instance, or an ongoing lack of key resources or specialist knowledge to manage certain IT tasks reliably. We can provide skilled professionals to handle specific areas of IT tasking on your behalf and help ease your in-house team’s workload.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


Professional Services


We help clients to plan and deploy future-ready IT infrastructures. And when it comes to server and storage architecture, networks, security, cloud computing and mobility, we have the kind of extensive experience, built over many years, that can give you peace of mind.

So why not make the most of this advanced expertise? Right from the get go, we can provide valuable support for your project – from planning, through implementation, to operational handover – with a range of services tailored to fit your requirements. For instance, you might need help with just part of a project. If so, it’s no problem – you’ve still come to the right address.

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Every project comes with its own unique circumstances that dictate the best project management approach. Whether it’s classic or agile, our experienced professionals are equally at home with both common methods, and can provide you with the expert support you need.

Whatever your aim – to make your IT more cost effective, or to optimize quality, processes, or efficiency – we can analyze all your processes from an IT service management standpoint and help you streamline your IT infrastructure accordingly.

As you’d expect, we also offer our clients personalized training programs and workshops so that they make the very most of their investment’s potential.

Interested in finding out more?

If you have any questions, or a project lined up where you could use some help with your IT, then drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


/ What our clients say

Since 2008, NAVUM has been working with businesses – from SMEs to major organizations – to solve their unique IT challenges. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:


Peter Altmann

ETPM - Processes, Methods & Tools
© Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
“While relocating in difficult circumstances, we were glad to be able to draw on the support of an experienced, long-standing supplier under contract with Airbus Helicopters. Yet again, they absolutely reaffirmed our confidence in them: no damage to hardware, no lost data, and everything handled just in time.”
Logo DLR

Hans Weber

Sentinel Project Manager
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
“Following a Europe-wide tendering process, we chose systems house NAVUM to supply the hardware and system software required for our Sentinel long-term data archive. For ESA, the client, NAVUM proved to be highly competent at every stage of the process, right through to final acceptance. When faced with difficult system configurations, they proved exceptionally responsive and reliable.”

Wolfgang Kopp

Head of Infrastructure Management
“NAVUM has proven to be exceptionally reliable in the day-to-day running of our central IT infrastructure. Their highly qualified and experienced professionals support our architects and service managers, giving them the room to concentrate on their primary tasks. NAVUM is also flexible when requirements change. That helps us stay agile and innovative. We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with them for years now.”

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